Another way to learn

You might not be comfortable skiing with many other students. The collective approach to learning is not necessarily for everyone, whether in skiing or in another sport. That's why, if you feel like it, Paradiski's ESFs give you access to private lessons. Unlike group lessons, private lessons enable students to work in a small group, or even alone with the instructor.

These lessons can be booked online or by phone, with the instructor of your choice. A kindly and skillful instructor, who will provide you lessons depending on your level, whether skiing or snowboarding. Classic lessons, preparations for competition... the formulas offered by the ESF are numerous and adapt to everyone's desires.
Benefits of a private lesson
In private lessons, the instructor is focused on a small number of students or even one student, which is perfect for a tailor-made learning with an appropriate pace.

The link with the instructor is all the more strong, and the instructor quickly find the strengths and gaps of the aspiring skier in order to fix it as best as possible.