Welcome to esf Peisey Vallandry

Skiing, snowshoeing... a rich and varied program !


With ESF Peisey Vallandry group lessons, groups of apprentice skiers do not exceed 8 people ; a configuration that facilitates the exchange between the instructors and the students. These are divided according to ages and levels in order to set up a learning adapted to all profiles.

You can also opt for private lessons, which will be organized according to the objectives you want to achieve. Surrounded by a very small handful of students or even alone with the instructor, you are sure to benefit from a tailor-made teaching.

The lessons taught by the instructors of ESF Peisey Vallandry do not exclude any age group ; they are aimed at adults, teens, children and toddlers alike. You can enjoy this quality of teaching with family, friends or alone !
Contrary to what you might think, the winter flora is very interesting : it does exist and keeps fighting against the cold. Chamois, ibex, golden eagles can be seen during a snowshoe hike organized by ESF Peisey Vallandry.

And even if you do not have the chance to meet some, the vast mountain scenery will be enough to fill your snowy walk... These outings are organized in half-days or full days depending on what you prefer !

ESF Peisey Vallandry awaits you for various activities that will fully satisfy you!