Welcome to esf Belle Plagne

Ski... but not only !


If you are an amateur skier and you want to improve your technique... if you are already an expert and your next goal is competition... if you are a beginner, have never skied and wish to have a program adapted to your needs and your pace... At ESF Belle Plagne, lessons are taught by patient, nice and reassuring instructors.

In group lessons for more conviviality or in private lessons for a personalized follow-up, the instructors of the ESF give the maximum so that you enjoy skiing and discovering the resort.
Feel like trying something else ? Live a unique experience by boarding a competition bobsleigh to hit the circuit at over 100 km / h for one minute. Thrills guaranteed !

If speed scares you, note that you are not forced to do this in a fast bobsleigh with a pilot in control : you can embark with family, friends or your partner in a self-controlled and self-braking bobsleigh.

You can immortalize this extraordinary moment with an onboard camera that will film your descent. Then you will get the precious souvenir at the end of your ride !

This activity and many others await you at ESF Belle Plagne.